Origin country: Iceland

Nickname de fandom: Lazytowners

Episodes: 103 (all the 4 seasons and LazyTown Extra)

Launch date: August 16, 2004

Icelandic name: Latibær

The origin of LazyTown dates back to 1995 with the creation of LazyTown Entertainment, an independent company established in Reykjavik. Harnessing the potential of its creator Magnus Scheving, Chosen Athlete of the Year in 1994, he decided to make several presentations in Icelandic schools, to appeal to youth about the benefits of physical activity. Later he wrote a book and from its publication, in 1996, a play entitled Áfram Latibær was presented. Due to the popularity and the great reception it has had, a following work was developed in 1999:Glanni Glæpur í Latabæ.

The enormous success of Magnus continued with the completion of the television series, in his attempt to replicate this concept in various countries. The series premiered in 2004 and began airing in the US on Nickelodeon, later reaching other networks in more than 150 countries. It stands out for its positive messages and for promoting a healthy lifestyle and the idea of sharing with other people, as well as maintaining good habits.

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